Sunday, September 9, 2018

Tiger Track Stamps ~ for a kind of 'Low Tech Geocaching' in Tasmania

 Tiger Track Stamps

Tasmanian Artist, Kaye Green, Finds a Quirky, Free/Low-Cost Way For You To Keep Track Of Your Amazing Tasmanian Adventures.

Kaye's idea is based on her experience of living in Japan and the enjoyment of collecting impressions from rubber stamps that were available at most tourist destinations and temples.

 It all began for Tiger Track when Ulverstone native Kaye visited Japan in 1972 as a 17-year-old exchange student.

She found that many tourist destinations and temples offered rubber stamp impressions and special tourist booklets.

Kaye attended a local high school for a year and during her travels she loved collecting the unique stamp impressions.

After completing art degrees in both Tasmania and the United States, she is now bringing her unique Japanese experience to her home state of Tasmania so both locals and visitors can enjoy the fun, free experience of stamp collecting.

Her vision of introducing this exciting concept to her home state, Tasmania, has now been turned into a reality, with many participants actively involved and many more on the way.

Each black and white stamp depicts a specific tourist destination, 
designed by award-winning Tasmanian artist Kaye Green.

 In Search of The Elusive Tasmanian Tiger

Add an extra focus to your Tasmanian adventure as you hunt down dozens of Tiger Track Stamps and with luck - or skill maybe - find the elusive Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) - the most valuable stamp of all.

Tasmanian Artist, Kaye Green
Recording Your Tasmanian Adventures With Tiger Track Stamps

Stamp Booklet
You can pick up your stamp collecting booklet on the Spirit I and II, Tourist Information Centres and at the participating tourist destinations (with a list of stamp locations), or use your own journal or diary - your choice.

How Can you GET STAMPED?

The unique stamp and an ink pad is conveniently located on a table, stand or desk at each participating location and you are free to stamp your booklet or your own diary or travel journal.



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