Sunday, April 8, 2012

Family Ties

Supply River  Flour Mill

Just down the Tamar from Low Head, but on the western shore, is the Supply River where my great great Grandfather, James and his brother John rented and operated a water driven flour mill.

James and his wife Margaret, children John and George and his brother John arrived in Hobart in around 1844 on the transportation ship ‘The London’.

James was initially employed in Launceston as the superintendant of the treadmill.

 Supply River Mill Reserve
Off Deviot Road, Deviot, West Tamar.

An easy 15 minute walk along the banks of the Supply River are the ruins of Tasmania's earliest water-driven flour mill.

Situated at the bottom of a magnificent waterfall, the Supply River Mill is both peaceful and historically interesting.

During its early years the Mill was attacked on several occasions by bands of Bushrangers.

Two 'Supply' workers along with numerous bushrangers were killed and the place, in local circles, has since retained an aspect of the 'supernatural', believed to be haunted by the spirit of a lone Bushranger

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