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Camping in Tasmanian National Parks and State Forests

Camping in Tasmanian National Parks

As of 2016, 51% of Tasmania's land area has some form of reservation classification,

The majority of this land is managed by the Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service, with Tasmanian National Parks covering an area of around 1,463,000 ha, a reasonably fair sized play-ground by any measure.

Cradle Mountain over Dove Lake, with old boat shed in foreground.

Camping and Cabin Fee Information

Many of the national parks and reserves offer excellent campsites and a small number of parks also offer cabin-style accommodation.

Please note that camping and accommodation fees are in addition to national park entry fees where applicable.

Fees are used to manage and improve facilities and services and apply only to the campground or accommodation for which they are paid and are not transferable to other campgrounds or accommodation.

Free entry to parks for Seniors Card holders

From 1 July 2018 to the end of June 2019, Seniors Card holders will be able to obtain their free Seniors parks pass by registering online through our Parks Pass Portal or at a national park visitor centre.

These passes must be printed and displayed on the vehicle dashboard when visiting a national park.

It’s designed to allow seniors make the most of their own backyard, and increase physical activity and wellbeing through the removal of financial barriers.

Please note that free entry applies only to entry for national parks and that other fees such as guided cave tours, overnight walk passes and camping fees, still apply.

From 1 July 2019, Seniors Card holders will be eligible to purchase a Seniors park pass, which offers a 50 per cent discount on the concession fee of an All Parks annual or two-year pass.

This offer is open to all Australian residents who are holders of Australian Government-issued Seniors Cards, not including Seniors Business Cards.

Please note:

The Seniors pass holder must be travelling in the vehicle.
The Seniors pass is not transferable.
Additional identification may be requested to confirm identity.


Great Educational Fact Sheets - For kids and their adults

Fact Sheets from
Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service

An outline of the Fact Sheet series is listed below  - They are presented in PDF, which can be easily printed.

Visiting National Parks, provides all you need to know before you go - how to get there, facilities, camping and what you can do when you arrive... -  Visiting Reserves, General information on the wide range of parks, reserves and cultural sites managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service...  -  Marine ReservesHistoric Heritage, Information on some of the historic sites around Tasmania...  -  Great Bushwalks and  Walking NotesPlants - WildlifeThreatened Species and  Geodiversity.


Camping in Tasmanian State Forests
Section of forest
Sustainable Timber Tasmania is a government business enterprise wholly owned by the Government of Tasmania and is responsible for the management of public production forest in Tasmania.

The Permanent Timber Production Zone covers about 800,000 hectares of public land.

Camping Allowed
Camping is generally allowed anywhere on Permanent Timber Production Zone land, except where signed ‘no camping’.

Campfires are okay in most areas at most times, but please take care and abide by fire weather warnings and restrictions that may be in place.

Before you head out to visit Permanent Timber Production Zone land it is recommended that you contact one of Sustainable Timber Tasmania's local Regional Offices.

They can provide advice on what operations are in progress in the areas you wish to visit, the possibility of heavy vehicles sharing those roads, general road conditions and any locked gates.

Check out the Interactive Map Viewer to identify the locations of Sustainable Timber Tasmania's Permanent Timber Production Zones by clicking the graphic, below and set your Map Controls to Permanent Timber Production Zone, as pictured.

Things to remember while visiting working forests

Sustainable Timber Tasmania asks that you follow these ten important rules:
1. Obey laws and regulations for vehicles/recreational vehicles including 4wd, motor bikes/atv's that apply to public lands 
2. Respect cultural, heritage, and environmental values of public/private land 
3. Respect flora and fauna. Stop look, but never disturb or remove 
4. Keep to formed vehicle tracks 
5. Keep the environment clean. Carry your own, and any other rubbish back out 
6. Keep your vehicle mechanically sound and clean to reduce environmental impact 
7. Adopt minimal impact camping and driving practices 
8. Seek permission before driving on private land. Do not disturb livestock or watering points and leave gates as found 
9. Take adequate water, food, fuel, basic spares and first aid kit. In remote areas travel with another vehicle and have radio contact 
10. Plan your trip and lodge trip details with responsible persons. 


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