Friday, April 20, 2012

Targa Tasmania: Longford Stage

The Targa
In line with its position as the Ultimate Tarmac Rally, the six day 2012 Targa Tasmania will be a true endurance challenge seeing around 240 cars compete over 600 odd competitive kilometers (nearly 120 kilometres more than the previous longest) with teams tackling 40 targa stages - 15 of those stages being over 10km in length and five being longer than 30km

 Tempco George Town Prologue

George Town, just down the road from me, hosted the 'Tempco George Town Prologue' and would have provided me with an extremely convenient opportunity to be a spectator.
Happily, however, I received a visit from my brother and his wife from out of Hobart who I haven't seen in many years so we enjoyed spending the day catching up.
My son, Byron, and his mother are volunteer marshals on some of the stages and had booked up for the Longford stage so I grabbed the opportunity and went down with them.
They were given a wonderful vantage point to work where the cars did a turn left at a cross road, down a block to us with a right turn at a T intersection then a block down, a left turn at a cross road.
I should have harvested the rubber.

 The Best of Both Worlds

Longford is one of my favourite towns in the north-east of Tasmania, Australia.
I'm sorry but you will find that I have heaps of favourite towns in north-east Tassie so you will just have to wear it.

It lies 175 m above sea level at the convergence of the Macquarie River and the South Esk River, 21 km south of Launceston. That puts it around 75 km south of the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage.

Longford has a population of 4,266 (2006 census) and the region is predominantly agricultural, noted for wool, dairy produce and stock breeding.

 Australian Formula One 1950s and 60s with Sir Jack Brabham

As well as being a beautiful historic town, from 1953 to 1968 Longford has hosted two Australian Grand Prix, several Tasman Cup races and touring car and motorcycle championships were organized on the 4.5 miles (7.2 km) Longford Circuit.
Jack Brabham and Stirling Moss raced this circuit during that period.

Jack Brabham was the first F1 driver to use a rear-engine car.

Targa Tasmania: Longford Town Stage

For past the 20 years Longford has hosted a town stage of Targa Tasmania.
Using normal town/suburban streets certainly makes for some exciting and watchable racing.
So now I've done it.

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